Our Members


Any physical or moral person who supports the social development mission of the corporation can be a member:

  • any resident of the Peter-McGill district;
  • any group, organization, institution or business who is either located or engaged in social, economic, educational or cultural activities in the Peter-McGill district;
  • any  student attending either  a school or academic institution in the Peter-McGill district.

Our community organization members are:

Action des femmes handicapées (Montréal)


Non-profit feminist association which provides handicaped women from Quebec and French-speaking areas a place where they can share their personal experiences and create a support network at the local, national and international levels. More information here.

Amis de la Montagne (Les)

A registered charitable organization founded in 1986, Les amis de la montagne’s network includes citizens from a variety of associations allied with the heads of philanthropic foundations and company presidents. All share the same passion, that of protecting and enhancing the mountain. More information here.

Anonyme (L’)

Logo Anonyme rouge

(information only available in French)
Fondée en 1989, L’Unité d’intervention mobile L’Anonyme offre de l’aide aux jeunes de 14 à 30 ans en difficulté ainsi qu’à toute personne ayant des comportements à risque, en allant à leur rencontre grâce à notre autobus. Plus d’informations ici.

Art Déco Montréal

The Art Deco Society of Montreal is a bilingual, nonprofit organization formed to foster awareness and appreciation of the Art Deco period (c.1920-1940) and to preserve the precious decorative, industrial, and architectural arts of that era. More information here.

Astérisk (L’) – Coalition montréalaise des groupes jeunesse LGBT


L’Astérisk is a non-commercial space that welcomes lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans*, queer and questioning youth. We provide information, services, activities, and as well as peer-support and access to a team of counselors.
*Our use of word TRANS refers to all transgender, transsexual, genderqueer and questioning persons. More information here.

Batshaw Youth and Family Centres (The)

Missions: – to provide psychosocial, rehabilitation and social integration services; – to ensure the provision of services related to child placement, adoption, adoption disclosure, reunification, expertise to the Superior Court and mediation. More information here.

Benedict Labre House (The)

Labre logo

The Benedict Labre House is a home that nourishes the body, mind and soul of people in need.  It is a volunteer driven charity deeply rooted in the Montreal community since 1952.  The House nurtures and empowers our guests through support programs based on the principles of respect and a sense of belonging.
More information here.

Carrefour jeunesse-emploi Montréal centre-ville


Carrefour jeunesse-emploi Montréal Centre-Ville is an important resource that exists to respond to the needs of 16-35 year olds who live, study or pass through downtown Montréal, serving as both a meeting spot and a major reference in the field of social and professional integration. More information here.

CCS Community Services

CCS community services improves the quality of life of individuals by significantly reducing isolation and effectively supporting those living in poverty, primarily within the English speaking community of Greater Montreal. More information here.

Centre de la petite enfance DAWSON Childcare Centre

3040 Sherbrooke street West  –  (514) 939-0701

Centre de la petite enfance L’ENFANFRELUCHE Childcare Centre
3484 de la Montagne street  –  (514) 844-1137

Centre de la petite enfance JARDIN DE FRUITS Chilcare Centre


CPE JARDIN DE FRUITS offers educational, diversified and quality childcare services that foster children’s health, savety, global and harmonious development. More information here.

Centre de la petite enfance MCGILL Childcare Centre

The Centre de la Petite Enfance de McGill (McGill Childcare Centre) is a non-profit corporation holding permits from the City of Montreal and the Ministère de la Famille et de l’Enfance. The McGill Childcare Centre has been in operation since March 13, 1973 and offers child care services to full-time McGill students, faculty and staff. More information here.

Chez Doris

Chez Doris is a non-profit organization that offers educational and recreational activities, social services and professional services for women in need. More information here.


Christian Direction

Rooted in the revelation of God, the Creator, and empowered by the Holy Spirit, they are followers of Jesus Christ. Passionate for the truth, they strive to incarnate the love of God and love for their neighbor as taught in the Bible. More information here.

Comité logement Ville-Marie

The Comité logement Ville-Marie (formerly Comité logement Centre-Sud) aims at promoting and defending the tenants’ rights. It also offers legal information and support in legal procedures, workshops, information and popular education tables. It also promotes social housing and participate to its development. More information here.

Commission scolaire de Montréal

Public institution which organises education services in pre-school, primary and secondary education establishments, in special schools for disabled children or children having social maladjustments or learning difficulties, in vocational training and adult education centres. More information here.

Concordia Community Solidarity Co-op Bookstore

The goals and objectives of the Co-op are to provide students, faculty members and other members of the community with a professional service and low prices through a non-profit co-op bookstore that is directly controlled by its user, worker and support members. More information here.

Conseil des Montréalaises

The Conseil des Montréalaises acts as a consultative body to the municipal administration on matters related to gender equality and the status of women, either by request from the municipal council or on its own initiative. More information here.



Cybercap is a non-profit organization, founded in 2000, that has been working for socio-professional integration and to encourage young people to stay in school. Its mission is to offer young people experiencing difficulties the possibility of discovering and experimenting with new media in order to help them improve their situation at the personal, social and occupational levels. The medium? Digital media, which Cybercap uses as a motivational tool. More information here.

Éco-quartier Peter-McGill

logo EQPM Officiel HQEco-quartier Peter-McGill is an organization of community action, initiative, awareness, and environmental accountability. More information here.

English Language Arts Network (ELAN)


As an artists’ Network, ELAN helps artists share resources, ideas and inspiration across all disciplines.  We provide various services to our members and to the community as a whole. More information here.

Entraide Bénévole Métro

EBM is a volunteer based, non-profit, community organization dedicated to helping seniors 65+ in downtown Montreal and Westmount maintain their independence while living in their home.
Our trained volunteers accompany seniors to and from medical and non-medical appointments. We also offer friendly visiting, help with grocery shopping and provide a daily (Monday to Friday) phone call. More information here.


—Equiterre helps build a social movement by encouraging individuals, organizations and governments to make ecological and equitable choices, in a spirit of solidarity. More information here.

Evangel Pentecostal Church

Evangel is a community of many nationalities and generations meeting together to grow in our faith and share our faith with our city. More information here.



Charity based in Montreal since 2006, whose goal is to promote the inclusion and development of the most marginalized people through innovation in culture and education. More information here.

Face à Face Listening & Intervention Centre


What? Help the people in difficulty (mainly people who are unemployed, socially isolated, homeless or experiencing mental health problems) to get their bearings and break out of their isolation, by offering a listening ear and directing them to the resources most likely to be of assistance to them.
How? Listening and referral, support group, coffee klatches, help for people with housing-related problems (homeless individuals), housing bank, income tax clinic, psychosocial follow-up. More information here.

Families of Percy-Walters Park Association


The Families of Percy-Walters Park Association, a non-profit organisation, was established in 2009 to help make our neighbourhood a safe and welcoming place for our children, and to make our park into an important resource for all residents of our Downtown Montreal neighbourhood.
One of the goals of the Association, in collaboration with the City of Montreal and other community organizations, is to promote  events and activities in the Park, as well as in other nearby venues in the Peter-McGill District in order to make life in our neighbourhood pleasant for everyone, and particularly for families.

Percy-Walters Park is located in the area between Pine Avenue and Dr. Penfield, Redpath and Mcgregor.

Fondation ressources jeunesse

FRJ_couleurPlease note that the following text is only available in French.
Dès sa création en 1979, la Fondation Ressources-Jeunesse a axé son intervention sur l’insertion professionnelle des jeunes adultes. Aujourd’hui, la Fondation poursuit dans la même direction et se distingue par sa mission : développer l’employabilité des jeunes adultes et les aider à s’intégrer de façon durable au marché du travail. Plus d’informations ici.

Greene Avenue Community Centre (Centre Greene)

Centre Greene is an independent, not-for-profit community organization dedicated to providing quality recreational, social and cultural services to the community at large regardless of gender, age, race, ethnic group, ability or socio-economic status. Our success depends on volunteer help and financial support from outside sources. Plus d’informations ici.

Groupe l’Itinéraire

The community group L’Itinéraire leads social economy projects in order to increase autonomy, knowledge and employability for people experiencing difficulties linked to marginality and homelessness. More information here.

Groupe Harmonie

Groupe Harmonie provides support services for people aged 55+ struggling with problems such as alcohol, drugs, other substances or gambling. More information here.


Innovation Youth

innovation jeunes

The mission of Innovation Youth is to offer a community space for youth living in or frequently visiting downtown, opening up the possibilities of integration into academic, family, and social life.  Innovation Youth strives to offer support to youth in downtown Montreal, who are between the ages of 12 and 24. More information here.


inter-logePlease note that the following text is only available in French.
Depuis 1978, Inter-Loge est une entreprise d’économie sociale et organisme de bienfaisance dont la mission consiste à procurer des logements abordables aux ménages à modeste revenu tout en contribuant à la revitalisation socio- économique des quartiers ainsi qu’à l’amélioration de la qualité de vie des individus et des familles. Plus d’informations ici.

Institut des troubles d’apprentissage (anciennement AQETA)

institut-des-troubles-dapprentissagePlease note that the following text is only available in French.
L’Institut exerce son leadership en matière de troubles d’apprentissage afin d’assurer l’égalité des chances des personnes qui vivent avec un trouble d’apprentissage, de leur permettre de développer pleinement leur potentiel et de contribuer positivement à la société. Plus d’informations ici.

Jubilee Montréal (previously The Living Room)

jubile-mtlMore information here.

LaSalle des petits Daycare

The team firmly believes that child development begins with emotional well-being and self-confidence. Educators promote positive self-image by way of interactions that nurture a healthy self-esteem in every child. More information here.

LOVE Québec


At LOVE, our mission is to break the cycle of violence in the lives of youth and in our communities by building a team of leaders who communicate a message of non-violence. More information here.

Milton Park Recreation Association (The)

Its mission is to bridge differences and bring people closer together by offering a wide variety of affordable courses and programs which contribute to individual growth and learning, and by building partnerships with individuals and organizations in the community to help achieve these objectives. More information here.

Montreal Children’s Library

The mission of the Montreal Children’s Library is to develop literacy, foster imagination, and to connect children and parents to their communities by equipping them with the building blocks of life-long learning. More information here.

Montreal Diet Dispensary

dispensaire diététique

The Montreal Diet Dispensary’s mission is to promote health in the community especially among pregnant mothers whose babies are at risk. More information here.

Moisson Montréal

Moisson Montreal’s priority is to carry out different types of projects connected to food support. Together with organizations, consultation committees, municipal decision-making entities, and sponsors, different practices emphasizing the independence of individuals have been implemented. More information here.

Native Friendship Centre of Montreal (NFCM)

The NFCM is an autonomous non-profit, non-sectarian community development agency pledged to promote, develop, and enhance the quality of life in the Urban Aboriginal community of Montreal. More information here.

Native Women’s Shelter of Montreal


Since its incorporation in 1987, the Native Women’s Shelter of Montreal has provided shelter and support to Aboriginal, Inuit and Métis women and their children who are in difficulty. Our clientele are self-referred or referred by community resources. More information here.

Nova Montréal

Nova Montréal is a national organization which provides home care nursing services in Montreal, Quebec. More information here.

Office Municipal d’Habitation de Montréal (OMHM)

The omhm’s basic mission is to manage and administer the island of montréal’s housing and housing programs and to implement social and community-based activities that promote the well-being of its tenants. More information here.

Open Door (The)

The Open Door is a drop-in centre providing services to homeless and low-income people in downtown Montreal. The centre provides food and clothing, laundry services, shelter during the day, counselling, referrals to professional mental health and drug addiction counsellors, and employment assistance. More information here.

Projet Chance


Projets Autochtones du Québec

Non-profit organization founded on the social and professional developement of the First nations, Métis and Inuit people in Quebec. It aims at offering help and housing services to people in difficulty. More information here.

Refugee centre

Canadian non-for profit, that aims to provide a sustainable structure of integration for refugees and immigrants in Canada, to offer support for students and their families as well as the Montreal community as a whole and to support the community and particularly students through various mediums, not limited to any one particular sector of aid. More information here.

Salvation Army (The) – Booth centre

The Booth Centre is a community organisation that opens its doors to men 18 and older who face homelessness (The Gouvernail), addictions (The Ancrage) or mental health issues (The Rivage).

Seniors Action Quebec

seniors action quebec

Seniors Action Quebec works to maintain and enhance the vitality of English-speaking Quebec seniors. All efforts will identify and address challenges and issues to promote a healthy and active lifestyle for English-speaking seniors. More information here.

Shaughnessy Village Association (The)

 The SVA is a non-profit organization incorporated in 1981 under the Quebec Companies Act. Its goal is the improvement of quality of life in the Shaughnessy Village area of Montreal. More information here.

Social Justice Committee

Social Justice Connection achieves its goals through education and advocacy.  We seek to eliminate poverty and human rights violations through informed popular participation in defense of economic, social and cultural rights. More information ici.

St. George’s Anglican Church

We are a multi-ethnic community of believers who seek to serve Christ through serving one another, actively witnessing to the love and hope that is given to each of us and sharing this whole‐heartedly with those who live, work and study in downtown Montreal. We open our doors and provide a sacred space, Tuesday to Sunday, from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, where all may come to experience the presence of God through prayer and meditation. For more information, please visit our website or Facebook page.

St-James drop-in centre


The St-James Centre creates an environment where its members feel safe and comfortable in a community where they can have their physical and mental needs addressed. More information here. Feel free to contact them at info@stjamescentre.ca or at 514 288-0039.

St Jax Montréal

St Jax is a newly re-opened community centre with various church and charitable groups meeting inside.

More information here.



Logo Tel-Aide frWe are a telephone listening centre founded in 1971 – the first in Quebec. Tel-Aide’s mission is to offer a free listening service, in English and in French, which is anonymous, confidential and 24/7. Our service is accessible to everyone who needs to talk, confidentially, about his or her problems, or who is thinking of suicide. More information here.

Victor Hugo/Lucien L’Allier Residents Association


The Victor Hugo/Lucien L’Allier Residents Association is an organization of residents with an interest in neighborhood issues.  As residents we work together addressing issues and seeking to improve security and quality of life for the families and children in our unique area in downtown Montreal. More information here.

Volunteer Bureau of Montreal

The Volunteer Bureau of Montreal offers non-profit organizations volunteer recruitment and referral services, training workshops for volunteer resource managers, organizes volunteer fairs, and provides support to a network of roughly eighty Meals on Wheels and Community Lunch groups. More information here.

Voyagez futé

Voyagez Futé is an organization offering sustainable transportation options. Its mission is to favour the development and the promotion of working alternatives to solo automobile in order to improve mobility and environmental quality. More information here.

Women’s Centre of Montréal

The mission of the Women’s Centre of Montréal is to provide educational and vocational training, as well as information, counselling and referral services to help women help themselves. More information here.

Yellow Door (The)

The Yellow Door mission is to promote dialogue, connectedness and intergenerationality; to provide opportunities for service, and to stimulate artistic expression. More information here.



YES (Youth Employment Services) Montreal

YES MtlAs a not-for-profit organization, YES Montreal (Youth Employment Services) enriches the community by providing English-language support services to help Quebecers find employment and start businesses. YES provides extensive province-wide job search services for youth (ages 16 – 35) including one-on-one career counselling, workshops and webinars. Our 20 years of experience in strategic job search activities will put your experience to work! Let us show you how. More information here.

YMCA (Downtown)


The YMCAs of Québec is a charitable organization that contributes to the development of spirit, mind, and body, and to the well-being of individuals, families, and communities.


The Espadrille Day Centre
Since 2001, the Espadrille Day Centre has been providing services to male delinquents aged 18 and over, in order to break the vicious cycle of repeat offences. The Centre works closely with Québec Correctional Services (SCQ) and other agencies.

Dialogue – providing support for the homeless
is a program that recognizes the need for different downtown cultures to live together so that everyone-the homeless, merchants, and residents-can live in mutual respect and trust. As a result, the first phase of Dialogue sought to make these three groups more aware of the issues.

To help prevent homelessness, First Stop offers front-line welcome and referral services for vulnerable persons when they arrive in the downtown area without any resources.

Youth Stars Foundation

Fondation jeunes étoiles ENGThe Youth Stars Foundation is a Montreal run, nonprofit organization, serving a diversely linguistic and cultural youth population. We use the arts, sports, dance & music to motivate youth and convey positive learning messages, supporting healthy living habits and team work, in ways which evoke and sustain participant interest and involvement. We are committed to fostering life skills, self-esteem and strengthening interpersonal skills through a variety of youth programs and workshops. Our board, staff and volunteers are dedicated to offering equal opportunity and inclusion to all. More information here.


Since 1875, the YWCA Montreal and its Foundation have contributed to improving the lives of women and girls by increasing their skills, self-esteem and autonomy, encouraging their personal growth and preventing all forms of violence through various programs adapted to their needs. More information here.

Our institutional members are:

  • Agence de la santé et des services sociaux de Montréal
  • Arrondissement de Ville-Marie
  • Atwater Library and Computer Centre
  • Bureau de Marc Garneau
  • Collège Lasalle
  • CIUSSS Centre-Ouest de l’île de Montréal
  • École FACE
  • École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS)
  • Le 1000 De La Gauchetière, propriété d’Ivanhoé Cambridge
  • Ministère de la santé et des services sociaux
  • Montreal Museum of Fine Arts
  • McCord Museum
  • Redpath Museum
  • Parti Vert du Canada
  • Trafalgar School for girls
  • Ville de Montréal
  • Concordia University
  • McGill University

Our business and commercial members are:

  • 1425 Mackay
  • 2121 Saint-Matthieu
  • Triada Corporation – 115248 Canada Inc. – 143046 Canada Inc.
  • Forum de Montréal
  • Im.media Marketing
  • La folie du koshary
  • Rayside Labossière Architectes
  • Restaurant Chez la mère Michel
  • Société de développement économique de Ville-Marie
  • Stikeman Elliott

Last update: November 2017.

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