Volunteers wanted at the Atwater Library

The Atwater Library is seeking new volunteers for the following roles:

  • Ciruclation desk duty — weekly three-hour shifts with a partner.  Duties include greeting and giving information to visitors and callers, assisting borrowing members, and checking out books and DVDs.
  • Home delivery service — occasional visits to home-bound clients downtown, including Shaughnessy Village, to deliver and retrieve books and DVDs.
  • Computer Centre help desk duty — weekly three-hour shifts.  Duties include checking in and giving light guidance to clients using computers, printing and scanning documents, and making photocopies.
  • Gardening — seasonal planting of annuals, perennials and bulbs, plus weeding.

The Atwater Library, which is independent with charitable status, owes its vitality to volunteers and donors.  Some 175 people are now contributing their time and talents to help run the place, supplementing the work of nine full-time-equivalent paid staff.

The Atwater Library is located on Atwater Avenue just south of Ste-Catherine Street.

People interested in more information about these volunteer opportunities are encouraged to contact Head Librarian Kimberley Ryan at kryan@atwaterlibrary.ca or 514-935-7344 ext’n 205.