Challenges with the homeless community?

In May of 2014, the Cabot Square project was created by the Ville-Marie borough in collaboration with the YMCA’s Dialogue program and the Native Women’s Shelter of Montreal. This service is aimes to improve the sense of security, well-being and cohabitation in the Cabot Square neighbourhood, through outreach workers providing support to the vulnerable population as well as residents and merchants.

We are there to:

  • support you in the resolution of a difficult situation with a homeless person
  • respond to your questions and concerns regard to homelessness
  • respond to your calls regarding homeless people
  • support you in intervention to reduce incivility and security related issues

To contact us or to signal someone in need:
Brandon Jarvis, Outreach Worker
Dialogue (YMCA)

David Crane, Outreach Worker
Native Women’s Shelter of Montreal