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*We invite you to read the Membership Policy below before filling out the form.

Peter-McGill Community Council Membership Policy


The membership policy aims to bring together members around a shared vision and to strengthen the sense of belonging to the Peter-McGill Community Council.


The mission of the Peter-McGill Community Council is to bring together and promote collaboration between the district’s residents, local business owners, workers and students, as well as the public institutions and community organizations that serve them. The Council aims to strengthen a sense of belonging to the neighbourhood amongst its members, encourage active involvement in community life and empower its membership to contribute to improving quality of life by providing opportunities for stakeholders to express their concerns and to collectively prioritise goals and actions towards change.

The diverse stakeholders of the Peter-McGill district face varied and numerous challenges. By coming together to share our concerns, identify potential solutions and facilitate action, we can be the driving force towards change. The major themes and neighbourhood issues that were identified collectively in our 2015-2018 Neighbourhood Plan were :

  • Families;
  • Urban development;
  • Housing;
  • Resources of the district.


The Peter-McGill Community Council aims to collectively determine priorities for action in a way that empowers the different stakeholders of the community to actively work together towards improving quality of life in the neighbourhood.

Membership status

A member can be anyone or any group that adheres to the mission, vision and values of the Community Council and is either:

  • Over 18 years of age and living in the Peter-McGill district;
  • Over 18 years of age and studying in the Peter-McGill district;
  • An organization, institution, business, or firm which is located in the Peter-McGill district or which engages in social, economic, educational or cultural activities in the Peter-McGill district.

See the Peter-McGill district map.

Membership Process

To become a member you must:

  • Fill out and submit the membership form (above);
  • Submit proof of belonging to one of the above-mentioned categories;
  • For non-profit organizations only: submit a cover letter that explains why your organization would like to become a member, as well as a short summary of the services offered.
  • Be approved by the Board of directors..

Membership fee



The following people and groups cannot be members of the Council : Employees of the Community Council (including both salaried and contract workers), partisan groups.

Benefits of membership :

  • Access information and aquire a better knowledge of local issues;
  • Participate in the activities organized by the Community Council;
  • Strengthen connections with an active and involved network;
  • Participate in the democratic life of the Community Council and of the district itself;
  • Vote during the General Meetings;
  • Elect representatives on the Board of directors;
  • Join the UMQ insurance program (non-profits only).

Terms of Membership – All members

Adhere to the mission, vision and values of the Community Council.

Terms of Membership – Group Members only

  • Offer services to the Peter-McGill population;
  • Participate in discussions with the other members of the Community Council;
  • Contribute to the improvement of the living conditions of the community as a whole.


Any member in good standing that withdraws its membership from the Council must notify the Board of Directors in writing.


The Board of directors can expel any member who does not comply with the terms of this membership policy, or whose conduct is deemed prejudicial to the Community Council.


Anyone or any group is invited to participate in the Community Council’s activities, regardless of membership. However, non-members cannot vote during General Meetings or be elected to the Board of Directors.

Recent Posts

Primary school in the neighbourhood: news

We were pleased to learn on June 1st, that two public primary schools would be built in the Peter-McGill district over the course of the coming years. The first will be located in the Académie Bourget building, located on De La Montagne Street. The second will be on the Grey Nuns site, which belongs to Concordia Universiry and is located at the corner of St. Mathieu and René-Lévesque. These schools will help families and new comers to stay downtown in the long-term, in a sector which has been struggling to retain families. Two schools also means there will be less distance for local children to travel in the morning and evening, who currently attend schools in other neighbourhoods. This is a big day for residents and groups in Peter-McGill, who have been advocating for a primary school downtown for many years.

We also learned that 24 classes on the Grey Nuns site will be built, bringing the neighbourhood very close to the total of 37 classes needed to accommodate local children by 2021. However, the Grey Nuns site also has a vast green space, which is another longstanding need for the downtown community. Unfortunately building a school on this site means removing a large section of green space that could have been opened up to the public. Over the course of the year through various surveys and meetings, the community has expressed their preference for a school on the Grand Séminaire site, which could have included a larger number of classrooms without compromising any significant green space in the neighbourhood. Many residents have also expressed their concern regarding the fact that they haven’t been consulted about the school project on the Grey Nun’s site ahead of the announcement.


In the context of the announcement of the schools on the Grey-Nuns site, we sent out a quick survey asking our members their opinions. Here is a summary of the 188 responses:

The 15.5% remaining are mostly staff from Concordia university.








Here are the main comments attached to the survey :

IN FAVOR (51 comments)

Central, safe space, next to the metro, green space for the kids, educationnal purpose of the site, daycare on site, better a school than nothing at all

NOT IN FAVOR (131 comments)

Loss of a green space (mature trees), potential loss of a green space open to public, surrounding trafic (noise, polution, etc.), historical and patrimonial value of the site, many respondants suggest the Grand Séminaire instead, not the safest space (bars, shops, students, etc.)

The Community Council and its partner’s position

On Tuesday 19th, this topic has been deeply discussed among community groups, citizen’s associations representatives and the Community Council. Our common position is to express our concerns to the ministry of education with a letter signed by all the partners, while keeping pushing forward the Sulpcian’s site option, which is also the CSDM’s first choice. We will keep you posted and in the meantime, feel free to contact us and share your thoughts.

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