Report on our prioritizing exercise of February 25

Here is a summary of the prioritization event that took place on February 25th. 40 residents, and représentatives from local organizations, institutions as well as elected representatives gathered to discuss sites and thèmes on urban development in the Peter-McGill neighbourhood. This summary includes some of the questions that came up during the discussions.


1.Children’s Square Parks

  • How much natural light will there be? Will it be possible to grow fruits and vegetables?
  • Is is possible to consult parents and children regarding the park’s design? The city would need to hire a consultant, but there are few details regarding this subject
  • Hector Toe Blake Park is the main focus for the moment. What would you like to see? We must be proactive, do an internal consultation ourselves and then go see the City’s consultant.
  • Always have a vision instead of a réaction

2.The Sulpicien’s Site

  • There is potential for a school here. It’s more accessible than Rutherford park, but it also has a wall.
  • We should protect this large green space
  • We have to consult them first and then see if we can use what is already there to start

3.Catherine St. West

  • This is a part of daily life for residents
  • Should widen the sidewalks and have more benches
  • We need to find out who is in charge of the project (this is still unknown), look at the work plans and find space for the community to get involved
  • Push for a consultation

Other Sites : McKay/Ste-Catherine, Royal Victoria



  • Has a huge influence on housing. This issue is one that moves fast but change takes a long time.
  • It’s a tangible, visible issue
  • Encourages social diversity
  • Impacts the health of residents
  • Question of medium and long term impact.

2.Urban Plan

  • We need to make sure the city follows the plan – information is power
  • Will allow us to have a global vision on urban development issues
  • Urban development is a large issue that affects everything

Other themes: Housing and Mapping