A school in our neighbourhood? It’s possible!

A school in our neighbourhood? It’s possible!

The community has been working hard to mobilize to get public primary schools in the neighbourhood over the last few weeks, especially to make sure one on the former Montreal Children’s Hospital site becomes a reality. Currently there are 406 children in Peter-McGill that must go to neighbouring areas, commuting up to 2 hours a day by bus. These long journeys are a major hindrance to their integration and need to move around after school. By 2021 there will be at least 574 students – this number does not take immigration into account.


5 à 7 No School in Peter-McGill

On Wednesday December 6, A meeting was held with neighbourhood residents, including parents of students and community groups. We presented an overview of the situation, the 3 official requests for schools submitted by the Comission Scolaire de Montréal (CSDM) to the Education Ministry for 3 schools in Peter-McGill. The meeting was followed by a discussion where attendees identified the former Montreal Children’s Hospital site as a priority site for the neighbourhood’s first school. Why is it a priority? Because of its placement, the speed of construction if the project is accepted, and its location in a site that will bring together social housing, a community centre and a large park.

The conversations during the discussion allowed the group to come up with several actions to push things forward, including:

If you would like to see a public primary school get built in the neighbourhood, we invite you to participate in the actions described above. You will find a summary document attached along with the contact information for all of the main decision makers to send your colouring pages and letters to. We hope that the decision will be made at the beginning of next year.

Complete presentation of the school situation in Peter-McGill available here.

To write to a journalist, it’s here, and to write a letter to Education Minister Proulxit’s there (feel free to personalize it!).


Vernissage and art workshop exhibit

We are pleased to present the work of 13 students who participated in an art workshop to express their thoughts and feelings about the lack of public schools in the Peter-McGill neighbourhood. Over the course of the 3 day workshop, participants discussed their ideas and created hand drawn animated GIFS. The workshop was facilitated by Concordia Education PhD Candidate, Marie-Pierre Labrie. Here are two videos created by Marie-Pierre and the workshop participants!