Vacation rentals/urban sports and outdoor activities: our positions during the recent public consultations

As part of My Peter-McGill project, the Peter-McGill Community Council recently presented briefs during public consultations; one of them was about vacation rentals and the other about the Ville de Montréal’s plan d’action du sport et du plein air urbains 2018-2028.

Consultation on Vacation Rentals

On May 1st, the Ville-Marie Borough organised a public consultation on vacation rentals, including Airbnb and other short term rental sites that allow entire residences to be rented out to tourists. We submitted a brief to share the points of view of our members. The full brief is available here (In French only) but here are the main recommendations that we put forward:

  • That the number of annual reservations be limited, as well as the number of postings
  • That full time housing rentals are prohibited
  • That landlords are only allowed one vacation rental property each
  • That any rental platform provides Revenu Québec with a justification for all of its reservations
  • That landlords pay commercial tax based on the number of rentals provided
  • That landlords must have a permit, provided by the Québec Government, to rent out their spaces on vacation rental platforms.
  • That the City of Montreal increases the number of inspectors
  • That these inspectors are trained to understand the realities surrounding this issue
  • That inspectors are scheduled with the vacation rental customer in mind (e.g. more hours on the weekend)

It is now up to the Québec government to propose regulations. The City of Montreal will submit their recommendations based on this consultation. We will keep you up to date on any developments.


Sports and Urban Outdoor Activities Consultation

On May 9, the City of Montreal organized a consultation on sports and urban outdoor activities. The goal was to make an action plan for the next 10 years. The Council also submitted a brief and went to support it during last Wednesday’s meeting. Here are the main recommendations from our brief:

  • That there is a public consultation on the future Hector Toe-Blake Park , and that sports facilities are included on this site (e.g. Multisports field)
  • That the future park on the southernmost part of the Franciscans site includes a Pétanque strip.
  • That the future park at the corner of McKay and Ste-Catherines streets is created in partnership with residents, and that the option of including sports or recreational facilities is considered.
  • That the future Ville-Marie Park is co-created with residents, and that it becomes a hub for sports and recreational facilities.
  • That the Grey Nun’s space is open to the community and that sports activities are considered.
  • That the Sulpicians site is considered to be a green space by the City, and a major sports area in our neighbourhood. That the City collaborates with the owners of the site to make the site accessible to the population.
  • That the City work towards holding a public consultation on the Royal Victoria site, and that it includes sports areas.

Consultations are still underway. An action plan will be developed – we will keep you informed on future developments.