The last Annual General Meeting of the Peter-McGill Community Council was held on October 25th, 2016.

During this meeting, the 2015-2016 annual report of the Community Council’s activities was adopted by the members.

Here it is: Annual report 2015-1016

See also the Peter-McGill Community Council’s strategic plan 2015-2018.

Our prior annual reports are available here for consulting:
Annual Report 2014-2015
Annual report 2013-2014
Annual Report 2012-2013
Rapport annuel 2011-2012
Rapport annuel 2010-2011
Rapport annuel 2009-2010


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Press release: The redevelopement project for the Montreal Children’s Hospital: The community mobilizes for a greater social mix

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Mémoire terrain des Franciscains: Soutenir la création d’un grand parc public pour les résidents du quartier Peter-McGill

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Mémoire proposition pour le projet Saint-Antoine ouest (Cadillac-Fairview)


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CUSM – Campus de la Montagne: C.S.U.M. Campus de la Montagne – Mémoire Peter-McGill.

Revitalisation de l’ouest du centre-ville – PPU Quartier des grands jardins:
– PPU des grands jardins.
– Pour un centre communautaire.


Projet de redéveloppement de l’îlot Séville: Suggestions.


1800, Boulevard René-Lévesque Ouest: For affordable housing.


Projet immobilier Le 1440 de la Montagne: Contre une dérogation.

Le Roc fleuri: Contre l’application d’un mécanisme d’exception.

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The promise of a public primary school in Peter-McGill: Residents and organisations concerned by mixed messages

August 17, 2017 Montreal – Mayor Denis Coderre announced on Monday, as part of his action plan for the Downtown Strategy, that a public primary school will be built on the former Montreal Children’s Hospital site. While the inclusion of a school on the site was one of several recommendations from the Office de consultation publique de Montréal (OCPM), the Mayor’s announcement appears to be premature.

The President of the Commission scolaire de Montréal (CSDM), Catherine Harel-Bourdon, confirmed with Radio-Canada on Tuesday that Quebec government regulation does not allow school boards to rent private property for public schools. This regulation would make it impossible for the CSDM to rent space from Devimco, the developers and owners of the site. The CSDM is currently in conversations with Education Minister Sébastien Proulx to try to change these regulations, but nothing has been confirmed thus far. There are currently 330 children residing in Peter-McGill without access to a public primary school in their own neighbourhood.

This announcement is not the only precarious part of Mayor Coderre’s overly ambitious plan. The City relies too heavily on revenue from private developments and property taxes to fund its activities, inevitably leading to increased densification of the downtown area. As such, the action plan includes expanding the downtown population by 50,000 people before 2030. This disconcerting proposal encourages an influx of people in the downtown core without first addressing longstanding issues affecting the 34,000 residents of Peter-McGill. Residents of the neighbourhood have been deprived of ample green and recreational spaces, outdoor sports facilities, social housing, as well as the aforementioned public primary school for many years.

The Peter-McGill Community Council urges Mayor Denis Coderre to focus first on the issues affecting current residents of downtown before attempting to increase the population further. The Council also implores Minister Sébastien Proulx to work with the CDSM to change current education regulations so that this much needed school can be built.

Peter-McGill Community Council is a non-profit organisation that brings together people who reside, study or work in the Peter-McGill area, as well as community organisations and institutions that serve them. Its mission is to improve the quality of life in the Peter-McGill district by supporting the development of neighborhood life and promoting citizen participation.
The Community Council has more than 200 members, including 125 residents of the district and 75 organisations and institutions that serve a diversity of residents in the area.

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For further information:
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Peter-McGill Community Council
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