Article: Construction In A Big Swirl by Jade Newman

This piece was submitted to the Citizen Journal project of the Peter-McGill Community Council. Please note that the opinions expressed in these articles do not necessarily reflect those of our organisation. This project aims to create space for the voices of residents, students and friends of the neighbourhood through articles, photos, videos and podcasts (as well as other mediums).  Are you interested in contributing?  Contact us at  benevolat@petermcgill.org!

Our project that we created is a collage with multiple items based on the construction that takes place in Montreal, Quebec.

Montreal is known for having beautiful views on the top of Mont-Royal, a spotlight, beauty taking the city with shopping malls, restaurants, museums, schools and so much more! All of these things would not be here without construction! There is a lot more construction taking place within in Montreal creating more condos, houses, shopping centers and many more to make the city almost look like the next New York!

What people fail to realize, is that the more construction we have, the less nature will be available in the future. Hence why we added the flower background.

Down the line we are not going have that much greenery with flowers.  They would be visible at a museum where you have to pay to see it but shouldn’t viewing nature be free of charge? Shouldn’t being one with nature be free of charge?

The trees that give homes for small wild life and supply us with oxygen are being cut down. Why cut down something that makes us live, for tourists?

Every animal and human revolves around the circle of life, construction and modern lifestyle is getting in the middle of it.

We need to make a change today.



Featured in collage: Rayden McLeish & Jamal Johnson

Article written by Jade Newman