What the Pop! : Old Port @ Café des Arts / Galerie MAM
Août 17 @ 11:00 – 15:00

Join us as we shine the spotlight on over 50 emerging artists from all over Quebec in our exclusive What the Pop! event series.

In its second year, What the Pop! is a unique opportunity to celebrate and discover the creative emerging arts scene in Quebec. Spanning over three weekends in three separate venues across Montreal, What the Pop! will have something for everyone, whether you are a casual supporter of the arts or a seasoned collector: live music, performance art, one-of-a-kind paintings, drawings and prints; photography; mixed and digital media; fashion, jewelry, crafts, and more!

Come meet the artists and see their works of art!

  • Ceramik Lar’A (Asmae Laraqui)
  • BsBowzart (Bijal Shah)
  • catarina chong Funky Alley Baubles (Cynthia Alleyne)
  • Cluster Flux Jewelry (Dominique Nicholson )
  • Artzy Retzo (Gigi Retzo)
  • Miki Luna (Haliuna Zenteno)
  • KIƎVE Pauzé Joaillerie Artisanale (Kieve Pauzé-Huang)
  • Mala Lyana (Lyana Huynh)
  • Nicola Inman Pierre-André Rheault SoftenthePop (Sarine Chahinian)
  • SORAMEK (Susan Kennedy)
  • Richard Bean
  • Véronique Leduc

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All What the Pop! events are open to the public and free to attend.

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