A Roof for All Presents: What is the Inclusion Regulation?


What: Workshop on the upcoming Inclusion Regulation on social and affordable housing

When : October 10th, 6-7:30pm

Where: 2205 Tupper St. (Corner of Lambert-Closse)

Interested? Sign-up now! info@petermcgill.org ou 514-424-6614

Lack of social housing

We all know there is a severe lack of social and affordable housing in Peter-McGill. While we are still fighting to keep the social housing project on the Children’s Square alive, we are also keeping an eye on possible long-term solutions that will help bring more affordable units downtown.

A potential solution

In June, the City of Montreal put forth a regulation to help ensure that new developments would include social and affordable housing, including family sized units.

While this new Inclusion Regulation is needed, particularly in the downtown sector, we believe that it could be improved in order to better respond to the needs of Peter-McGill residents.

Starting in the fall, the City is organising public consultations, where citizens can give their feedback on the new Inclusion Regulation.

Information session

What is the regulation and how does it work? Does the regulation adequately address the shortage of affordable housing in Peter-McGill? And how can you participate as a concerned citizen? Join us for a short workshop and information session this October!