A word from our City Councillor Cathy Wong

It’s a tradition in January: to express wishes to those around us for the New Year. While I have the privilege of entering my second year as the city councillor for Peter-McGill, let me share my own with you in connection with our municipal life.   

First wish: that 2019 marks the formalization, by the Ministère de l’Éducation, of the construction of our very first school in Peter-McGill. This is a request long expressed by the residents here. It would be a huge step towards the consolidation of a more family-friendly and human scale downtown!

My second wish concerns Ville-Marie borough’s new by-law on tourism residences, which limits the areas where they are permitted. I hope that residents and downtown owners will respect it, with the idea that it is our goal to rehabilitate our rental fleet. And that eventually, our feeling of belonging in the district will be strengthened. 

Who says change of year also says, inevitably, resolutions! Here are two for our community. In 2019, let us be more and more concerned about the cleanliness of our public spaces. Unfortunately, in the past years, too many people dumped their garbages outside the scheduled times. To tackle this problem, an awareness campaign has been launched. It will be in full swing in our neighborhoods until February, reminding us of the dates and places of collection.   

And finally, at this beginning of the year, let’s continue to engage in large numbers to improve life in Peter-McGill. Why not start with the activities organized by the Peter-McGill Community Council and the Ville-Marie borough?

And you, what do you hope for Peter-McGill in 2019? What issues are your focus? Let me know by writing to Cathy.wong@ville.montreal.qc.ca   

Happy New Year 2019!

Cathy Wong