Call for Submissions: Citizen Journalism Spotlight Series

Attention Peter-McGill neighbourhood, your community is all ears!

During these unimaginable and difficult times, we invite you to share your feelings and voice your opinions in our Spotlight Special Edition of Peter-McGill’s Citizen Journal!

April 2020 Spotlight: Is Togetherness Alive and Well?

We invite parents, kids, friends and neighbours to come out and join your community by writing, drawing, telling, painting, filming, sculpting, or by any other media, you choose!
Guidelines: up to 600 words, 2- 5 photos, short video, interview, sculpture, etc. For sound files: up to 3 minutes. Dimensions: sculptures 8×11., visual arts: up to 16×22.

Please email your submissions and questions to: benevolat@petermcgill.org

Please send photos of any visual art pieces. Our goal is to display the entire collection once we are able to join together in person again. This collection will also be part of the legacy of our community solidarity during this pandemic

Soft deadline: April 30th