Construction on the Co-op La Montagne Verte to begin this spring!

After 14 years of hard work by founding members and supporting organisations, as well as many changes in plans along the way, we are pleased to announce that construction on the Co-op La Montagne Verte will finally begin this spring! With 136 units, including 70 for families, this will be the largest housing co-op in Montreal. We are very excited about the arrival of this project. The co-op will help respond to one of the most urgent needs in Peter-McGill: social and affordable housing for residents who live below the low-income threshold.


Article (EN) : https://montrealgazette.com/news/local-news/plante-announces-coop-in-western-downtown

Article (FR) : https://journalmetro.com/actualites/montreal/2412544/logement-plus-grande-cooperative-habitation-montreal-centre-ville/