Missed Our Social & Affordable Housing Workshop?

On June 4th, we hosted our first ever workshop on social & affordable housing in collaboration with the Comité Logement Ville-Marie (CLVM). Together, Jenna Smith (Innovation Youth) and Mireille Foisy-Hotte (CLVM) hosted an in depth information session on everything from the different types of housing, to what’s available in Peter-McGill and how to apply. We were joined by over 20 participants, including our City Councillor, Cathy Wong.

If you were not able to make the workshop but would like information, you can take a look at our Social Housing Presentation, and download our Contact Information Sheet.

If you would like help with a housing application, we highly recommend that you contact Mireille directly, who is an expert on the subject. Give her a call at 514.521.5992 or e-mail her at info@clvm.org.

We are planning more workshops like this in the near future, including an application clinic in the fall. Contact us to register!