My Peter-McGill

Launched in May 2017, My Peter-McGIll is a collective project led by local residents and organisations aiming to support the development of public spaces in Peter-McGill that respond to local needs.

Building our neighbourhood, TOGETHER

Project Goals

  • Increase the number and size of recreational green spaces
  • Build more affordable housing units
  • Establish the neighbourhood's first public primary school
  • Contribute to the neighbourhood's future community centre programming

Project Successes

In the project's first year:

  • Announcement of 2 public schools to be built in Peter-McGill in the next 5 years!
  • Agreement to build the Peter-McGill Community Centre signed
  • We offered over 15 activities and workshops to youth, seniors and families attended by 450+ people
  • We surveyed 500+ residents and compiled important information about the needs of our community

Your voices are at the heart of this project!

Be a part of the change you’d like to see in your neighbourhood – there are many different ways to contribute, big and small. 

Our Team

With 3 mobilisation officers to rally families, seniors and youth as well as 17 partners we are ready for action!


  • Maryse Chapdelaine
    Project Manager
  • Sabine Philippidès
    Family Mobilisation
  • Kym Abella
    Senior Mobilisation
  • Corey Gulkin
    Communications Officer

Committee Members

  • Carrefour Jeunesse-Emploi Montréal - Centre-Ville
  • CIUSSS West-Central Montreal
  • Comité Logement Ville-Marie
  • Concordia Office of Community Engagement
  • Groupe Harmonie
  • Innovation Youth
  • McGill Social Equity and Diversity Office (SEDE)
  • Montreal Diet Dispensary
  • Montreal Volunteer Bureau
  • Rayside | Labossière
  • Shaughnessy Village Association
  • Société pour l'action, l'éducation et la sensibilisation environnementale de Montréal (SAESEM)
  • St Jax
  • YMCA
  • YWCA
  • 2 residents of the Peter-McGill neighbourhood

The project is funded by the Collective Impact Project and managed by the Peter-McGill Community Council with the support of several community organizations including Groupe Harmonie, Innovation Youth and the YWCA.