With the spread of the virus across the world, numerous stresses such as physical and psychological health risks, isolation and loneliness, the closure of many schools and businesses, economic vulnerability and job losses hit the population.
Through all of that, children and their mothers became particularly vulnerable to the risk of domestic violence.

Based on its continuous mandate of working together to build a better future for girls, women and their families, the YWCA is offering multiple services to women in precarious situation.

In response to the above-mentioned stresses, the YWCA’s Residential Services formed a PEER-SUPPORT GROUPS for women victims and survivors of intimate partner abuse.

Please spread the word!
If you are exposed to the violence on behalf of your partner, please consider this group as a safe place to get support, encouragement, and information.

For more information please contact:
Tel: 514-866-9941 poste 231