What is the future of the Grand Séminaire?

At a meeting concerning the future of the Grand Séminaire, Mr. Guy Guindon, rector for the site, presented a 50 year development plan to neighbourhood residents and groups.

A Primary Public School

Renamed the “Fort de la Montagne Campus”  in the plan, the site is is moving towards developing its educational mission over the next few years. Already home to several educational institutions, the new plan looks to add even more. Negotiations are currently underway with the Commission Scolaire de Montréal regarding the addition of a public primary school (area 6 page 69 of the plan– in French only).

A Green Space with Community Potential

The site also has an enormous green space (area 12 page 69 of the plan). While this space is currently private, discussions are in progress with the City of Montreal to open the site to the public under the City’s Accès-Jardin program.

An Exciting Future for the Site and for the Neighbourhood! 

The discussion helped us imagine the future of this enchanting site and to better understand the current actions being taken towards its development. If successful, these plans could greatly benefit the whole community. A rare gem downtown, the Grand Séminaire site presents an extraordinary opportunity to respond to two major needs of the neighbourhood: a primary public school and a large green space that is open to all. 

The Peter-McGill Community Council will follow the evolution of the site closely as well as inform and mobilise residents and neighbourhood groups to help turn these plans into reality.