Follow-up on the McGill College Redevelopment Consultations

On February 28th and March 1st the Ville-Marie Borough held a co-design workshop for the redevelopment of McGill College Ave. The event brought together around 40 people from diverse backgrounds including local and international experts to discuss their ideas and vision for the street. These two days were rich in discussion and allowed new creative ideas to emerge. Despite the wide range of designs proposed, some similarities were present, including the need for more green spaces, the reduction space and infrastructure for cars as well as generally reclaiming the space for citizens, workers and students of the area. There are still many steps to come before we see the new McGill College Avenue, but know that the concerns of residents and other key players in Peter-McGill were well represented.

The results of this work were presented to the general public during a community reflection on Saturday March 2. If you participated in this event, please send us your thoughts, not only about the designs presented, but also on the format of the presentation, the way the morning was facilitated, information provided etc…