Verdir Le Sud : A Greening Project in Shaughnessy Village

We are looking for lands and lots to green in Shaughnessy Village!

The development works consist of demineralizing parking lots, alleys and sidewalks, and then planting trees and shrubs. If the lot or the piece of land is already in the ground, only a soil preparation will be necessary before planting the plants. We also takes into account roofs and walls that can accommodate vegetation, in order to create biodiversity spaces that can refresh the neighbourhood.

Please note that the works’ costs are covered by our organizations!

Being involved in this project will make a significant difference to your environment. It is a long-term and ecological commitment that will bring you a better quality of life and will improve the landscape of our neighbourhood. After the redevelopment of your property, our organizations will provide you with support and advice to take care of your plants. An annual follow-up will also be carried out by our teams. 

If you are interested please contact Lou at: verdeau.eqpm@saesem.org | (514) 573 9010