Food Security

Did you know?

42% of the population in the Peter-McGill district lives below the Low-Income Threshold

With limited access to fruits and vegetables for many low-income residents in Peter-McGill, food security is a significant issue in the area. The Food Security committee, a composite of 14 local organisations, is the body that tackles these issues of nutrition and access to adequate, healthy food amongst the downtown population by creating new initiatives to improve food security for residents of Peter-McGill.


Food safety, as defined by the 2006-2012 provincial action plan promoting healthy food habits and combatting weight issues, tackles the many problems in accessing, at all times, and in all dignity, healthy food products that are sufficiently nutritious, reasonably priced, and with served with all respect to a multitude of different food cultures. More than access to food, we aim to provide trustworthy information that allows those living in our district to make the informed decisions it takes to lead a healthy life.


  • Bring together the organisations working towards food security
  • Provide a space for discussion and sharing between residents and organisations on issues relating to food security
  • Validate and represent the nutritional needs of the Peter-McGill population
  • Support, collaborate and create new food security initiatives

Food Security Resources

Discovering the Food Resources
in my Neighbourhood

An easy-to-use tool that contains the food security resources available in your neighbourhood. Take a look to find the resource that’s right for you!

Food Guide for
Community Workers

A guide to help community workers and healthcare professionals working with clients living in Peter-McGill.

Food System in the
Peter-McGill District

A portrait of food security, food systems and the Peter-McGill population published by the Montreal Diet Dispensary

Committee Members

  • Carrefour Jeunesse-Emploi Montréal Centre-ville
  • CIUSSS de l'Ouest-de-l'Île-de-Montréal
  • Concordia Sustainable Food System
  • Concordia University Student Parents Centre
  • Éco-quartier Peter-McGill
  • Innovation Youth
  • Midnight Kitchen
  • Moisson Montréal
  • Montreal Volunteer Bureau
  • People's Potato
  • Saint-Vincent de Paul Society
  • Ville-Marie Borough (Sports, Leisure and Social Development Division)
  • The Yellow Door
  • YWCA Residence