A colourful fall line-up at the Dispensary!

The Dispensary team will work hard this fall to raise funds and awareness for its cause while celebrating its 140th anniversary. In September, the Dispensary will submit funding applications to two specific donors. The first application will aid in the update and improvement of the Nutritious Food Basket (PPN), and the second application will help support the Dispensary’s social nutrition interventions in neighbouring communities.

On Saturday October 19th, the Dispensary will hold the third edition of its Défi sportif and its Baby Race at the Little Burgundy Sports Center, from 8:30am to 1:30pm.

To learn more and register to our Défi sportif, we invite you to browse our fundraising platform: http://bit.ly/DSDDM2019 (sorry, our platform is only in French language).

You cannot participate in our Défi sportif this year but wish to contribute to the achievement of its financial goal? Why not sponsor a participant or a team, make a donation or offer us a sponsorship: http://bit.ly/DSDDM2019 (in french only).

It is also possible to provide an item or a gift card that we will offer to our participants as a prize. To do this, please contact us: communications@dispensaire.ca.

Remember that the Dispensary is the only organization in Canada to hold a Baby Race. Its objective: to highlight the Dispensary’s interventions for pregnant women in need to help them give birth to healthy babies – a good start in life!  The Dispensary’s Baby Race features babies of wowen benefitting the Dispensary support on the starting line, and a distance of just over 3 meters to crawl on all fours. All tricks are allowed for parents to stimulate their baby to reach the finish line.

To view reports of our previous Baby Races: http://bit.ly/DDMBR17 http://bit.ly/CdBD0219

It is possible to financially support the realization of our Baby Race by offering a sponsorship. To learn more, click here: http://bit.ly/DDMCdB1019 (in french only).

In November, it will be time for the Dispensary to define its strategy to mobilize the necessary funds to renovate the Higgins House in 2020, which is in dire need of extra care, love and support!

The month of December will come rushing with generosity, thanks to the launch of our fundraising campaign 140th Anniversary – Forever Young – $ 140,000. To mark this campaign, there will be a special edition of our beloved Christmas party for Dispensary families on December 18th, 2019. As part of our 140th anniversary activities, our Christmas party will celebrate the good old days! We will take the opportunity to introduce our moms, their children and their family members to traditional Folk songs, Quebec tales and square dancing.

These upcoming activities allow us to continue to welcome families and keep them at the heart of our mission.