Make Your Voice Heard

There are many challenges for all of us who live and study in Peter-McGill. By coming together to express our concerns, identify possible solutions and advocate for action, we can be catalysts towards positive change.

Here are four ways to share your thoughts, and put pressure on key decision makers to improve life downtown!

1. Fill Out a Survey

Are you a resident or student of Peter-McGill? We want to hear from you! Tell us what you think about current issues in the neighbourhood, by filling out a survey below. Your responses will help us advocate on your behalf to the Ville Marie Borough, the City of Montreal, to our Provincial government and other stakeholders. We will update this page with new surveys regularly, so come back soon!

What would exist in your ideal green space, here in your neighbourhood? A soccer field? Park benches? A playground?

This survey aims to better understand diversity in the district and develop initiatives to promote greater inclusion in neighborhood life.

2. Ask a Question at the Ville-Marie Borough Council

Have an issue that needs to be addressed by your elected officials? The Ville-Marie Borough Council holds public meetings once per month (except during the summer) to discuss various issues that affect the downtown area, including Peter-McGill, including housing and urban planning, waste, culture, leisure, green space, safety, traffic and signage, roads, fire safety, fiscal management and more.

During these meetings, the Council disseminates information about current, and holds a Q&A period for concerned citizens to share their questions and comments.

To attend the next Borough Council meeting, please refer to the schedule posted on the Ville-Marie website (in FR only)

Meetings begin at 6:30pm. To ask a question to the council at the meeting, you must arrive between 5:45pm and 6:15pm to register

3. Get in Touch with Your Elected Representative

If you are unable to attend a Borough Council meeting, you can always email or call your City Councillor:

For broader issues concerning the whole Ville-Marie borough contact:

For issues regarding healthcare, education and other provincially funded services contact your Member of the National Assembly (MNA):

For issues at the federal level, contact your Member of Parliament:

4. Write a Letter to the Editor

Still not seeing the change you seek? Having trouble getting a response from your elected representatives? Contact the media! Most newspapers and publications have a way to submit letters to the editor. Take a look at our guide below:

Need some political letter writing inspiration?

By Ana Nightengale and Sakura Asai, McGIll Students