Neighbourhood Profile 2020

Download the Neighbourhood Profile*

Peter-McGill has gone through some major changes since our last neighbourhood profile was released in 2008. Our Families Downtown and Youth Action Committees came together to develop an updated profile in 2019, with a particular focus on the issues facing youth and families in the neighbourhood. We would like to thank Rayside Labossière for their work compiling this profile, which highlights the dynamism and diversity of our neighbourhood. We would also like to thank all of the partners who contributed to the project by participating in focus groups or sitting on the advisory committee. For the full version of the profile, please scroll down for the download link.

*Please note that the profile is only available in French. See below for a translation of some of the main findings.


3 20000
total population
youth ages 18-24

Living Conditions

Green Space



Youth & Family Issues


Children in Peter-McGill

Learning, School and Social Life

There are significant gaps between Peter-McGill and Montreal in terms of:


A multilingual, international neighbourhood